Monday, September 1, 2014

New food Friday (on Monday)

This is an occasional post where I share new foods I discovered and tasted in Baku.


found this in a grocery store not knowing what it was. Kefir is an ancient drink that is popular in this region. It's gaining popularity in the U.S. Along with other fermented drinks, like kombucha. I bought one with the Azeri word for cucumber on it. Bottoms up!  It had chunks of cucumber and a strong dill flavor. It was slightly carbonatedand just a little sour. I liked it, but in love sour drinks and tart fruits (and dill pickles). It's fairly low calorie and, if you believe the fermenter crowd, super healthy. Happy drinking!

Kefirkeefir, or kephir (/kəˈfɪər/ kə-feer),[1] alternatively milk kefir, or búlgaros, is afermented milk drink made with kefir "grains" (a yeast/bacterial fermentation starter) and has its origins in the north Caucasus Mountains.[citation needed] It is prepared by inoculatingcowgoat, or sheep milk with kefir grains. Traditional kefir was made in skin bags that were hung near a doorway; the bag would be knocked by anyone passing through the doorway to help keep the milk and kefir grains well mixed.

This site shares some if the myth and legend of kefir:

Kefir "grains"