Monday, June 23, 2014

#fail: spaghetti sauce from scratch

Knew there was a reason Prego and I have been in love since I was a child. Don't ever try to make anything with foreign ingredients, without measuring spoons and with a measuring cup that measures in liters...bad combo all around. The sauce is eatable, but boy do I miss my Prego. Off to find a copycat recipe. #IJS

Dispatch from Baku: In a land far, far away

We had a great flight from Houston, but got very little sleep on the plane. Leaving at 4:30 pm seemed like a great idea, but both Bella and I were up until about 10 pm and our plane landed at 2 am CDT / 8 am UK time. As soon as we saw the sunlight, both of us were wide awake and unable to sleep again.

We boarded our next plane three hours later, after Bella had the UK style bacon from inside of an English muffin (that is NOT a muffin, says Bella). Another five hours and we were in Baku. Unfortunately, Don was not allowed into baggage claim to help us with the bags. I asked him to set up the executive service like his manager suggested, but it didn't happen. :-/ I should have taken a picture of the six suitcases and four small bags that I loaded onto two carts at baggage claim. Bella (barely) pushed one of them while I pulled hers and pushed mine toward the door. Of course, customs stopped us at the door to ask about "metal" in my bag and the bottle of conditioner that had spilled and was leaking through the zipper. I opened the bag and showed them the bag of foreign coins (mostly US) and the leaking bottle of conditioner (which was in a plastic bag that SOMEONE inspecting my bag left open). Oddly, they said nothing about the food that I brought. So much for paying duty and all that. They don't even ask for the normal immigration card like in the other countries I've visited. On our next trip, I will bring more!

Once we got outside of the baggage area, we found Don. He brought me roses! :-) Bella ran up to her Dad like in those commercials where military husbands come home. Our driver helped us cram the bags in the car and we headed for the apartment at the Hyatt.

More on the next dispatch....#IJS


Listening to Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me and I had to lol at the text acronyms the FBI has compiled in their secret internet glossary. What people will use the FOIA to procure...

Who uses these? Comment if you do!

NIFOC: Naked in front of the computer
BOGSAT: Bunch of guys/girls sitting around talking
DILLIGAD: Do I look like I give a damn?
YKWRGMG: You know what really grinds my gears?
PMYMHMMFSWGAD: Pardon me, you must have mistaken me for someone who gives a damn.

On the last one, the host said it's been replaced by the more pithy "FU." WTF?