Thursday, August 21, 2014

Baku Dispatch #3: Lost at sea sea freight is MIA. The company that shipped it from the US says it's been here for over two weeks and should be in customs (if not through). The company here in Baku says it hasn't yet arrived. They are going to get back to us.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Baku Dispatch #2: How is it going?

I know I've been absent. We got to Baku and had some interesting experiences that I posted on FB and should re-post here.

At the beginning of July, we headed back to the U.S. for vacation (as our UK friends call it, "holiday"). It was really only vacation for Don; Bella and I have been on vacation since the end of May. At least, that's how it feels. All the wives and children leave for long periods over the summer and Baku was pretty boring. After visiting Houston, Maryland and Buffalo, Don headed back to Baku. Bella and I had a beautiful drive back to MD which made me miss the East Coast terribly! 

We had a great time at home, visiting DC and Atlanta and I got my fill of crab cakes and beer. 

So, to the original question, how's it going? I honestly don't feel like I live here yet. It's like a looooooong vacation in a hotel. Still waiting on a move date, though we've picked out a house already. Still only able to cook a few things because I have a small kitchen and only a fraction of my cooking supplies. Still can't use half of my new appliances because the hotel circuitry doesn't agree with our transformer. We are on shared internet and a few TV channels with English.

All that sounds like complaints, but the experience has been good overall. I haven't spent all day grocery shopping or cooking, except for when I was so bored that's all I could do. There's plenty to see and do, especially for the adventurous. The Azerbaijani people we've met have all been really nice. Yes, some stare and take pictures, but I prefer that to some of the experiences I've had in the U.S. Me and Bella have spent a lot of time together. I picked up some U.S. contracts that will start to fill my time. And the other expats are really helpful and friendly.

All in all, I'm having a great vacation. #IJS